The concept of ethPoker EPX tokens is simple: You can deposit in any crypto coin via our cashier exchange; you’ll then play live, peer-to-peer online poker in cash games and tournaments with EPX tokens. The ETH smart contract blockchain integration we use allows you to see proof the hands are random by viewing the pre-calculated cards, after the hand. Simple.

  • will be listing on Nebula exchange on its launch day. If we raise more than 1,000 ETH total in our funding rounds, we will list on Binance.
  • We will also be listed on other major exchanges such as EtherDelta after our ICO is completed. EPX token specifications
Token address: 0x35BAA72038F127f9f8C8f9B491049f64f377914d
Token ticker symbol: EPX
Token decimals: 4
Token type: ERC20
Total supply:
Launch price: 10,000 EPX:1 ETH ($0.04 approx)
Etherscan EPX Token tracker page

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