• ethPoker.io is a small startup team of very experienced gaming software engineers and poker professionals. Our initial group of 8 professionals form the ethPoker.io team and contain very recognizable household poker pro names.


  • ethPoker.io aims to offer EPX tokens via Pre-sale to fund the main ICO. The main ICO will offer a larger pool of the  EPX tokens. EPX tokens can be stored in any ERC20 token-compatible wallet used directly on real-money tables!


  • ethPoker.io was founded out of a desire to create a resilient, secure, fully peer-to-peer poker network able to deliver its website, client & poker rooms content via new technology such as swarms &  smart contracts.


  • Ethereum blockchain was selected for its high degree of flexibility, low transaction times & ubiquitous acceptance. Issuing EPX tokens to participants in the Pre-sale & ICO rounds funds the company hiring and expansion strategy.


  • Due to the fully de-centralised nature of its technology, ethPoker.io does not operate within one area of the world or another; however licensing for general operations will be obtained to maximize the number of eligible users.


  • The highest industry standards in terms of fairness enforcement, encryption, random number generation and user security are in place at ethPoker.io.


  • All user funds are protected while at one of our tables. A large amount of engineering has been performed to ensure the ethPoker.io client is secure in all situations.

The following professionals are members of the initial EthPoker.io staff team. This is going to expand a lot after both the Pre-sale and the ICO events occur, due to funding/budgeting. This team represents a core group of expert developers, financiers, gaming and gambling industry experts and Blockchain engineers. Personalized work history (Solidity experience, Ethereum skilll level) profiles and links to social for everyone coming soon!

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